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This page updated on May 29 2017 CST

How to Create Screenshots in Oblivion

This tutorial will demonstrate how to create screenshots inside Oblivion.


Here are the steps I follow to get a vanilla copy of Oblivion to produce screenshots:

Done Once

  1. Edit Oblivion.ini which is located in C:\Documents and Settings\username\My Documents\My Games\Oblivion\Oblivion.ini
  2. Find bAllowScreenShot=0
  3. Change to bAllowScreenShot=1
  4. Save and exit
  5. If you still cannot create screenshots, it may be related to your particular video card and anti-aliasing being enabled. Once in the game, go into your video options and disable anti-aliasing (set to zero).

Repetitive Steps

  1. Once in Oblivion where you want a screenshot, press ` to bring up the console and then type tm
  2. Now that the HUD, menu and text are gone, you can take fullscreen pictures without clutter.
  3. Take your screenshot(s) by pressing the Print Screen key. (See Food for Thought below)
  4. Type ` to bring up the console and then type tm
  5. Now that the HUD and menu are back, you can exit Oblivion.
  6. Open Windows Explorer and navigate to Oblivion's installation folder. Default is C:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Oblivion
  7. You will see .BMP files such as Oblivion1.bmp, Oblivion2.bmp, etc.
  8. Right-click on a .BMP file and open with Paint which is part of Windows XP.
  9. Once Paint loads the picture, click File, Save As, give it a descriptive name and change the Save as type to JPEG and click Save. Exit Paint.
  10. Delete the .BMP you opened (since it was re-saved as a .JPG)
  11. Repeat steps 8-10 for each .BMP file.

Food for Thought

If you want good detail (resolution) in your screenshots, you need to bump up the resolution to at least 1024x768 and set the graphic textures to Large. This may make your PC chug and rug sluggish but you're not trying to capture a movie. After the screenshot is done, you can turn down the graphics to a comfy level.

Screenshots of Characters

Take at least these 4 pictures:

  1. Press TAB to view the inventory screen and go to the Healthbar tab to show Name, Race, Birthsign, Class and Level.
  2. Picture from the side - Press TAB to view the inventory screen and go to the Strength/Willpower/Intelligence screen to show different data and rotate your character for a profile shot. Be sure to zoom in close for this one.
  3. Picture from the external front - click-and-hold the middle-mouse button which will put you into external view and move the mouse around to the front of your character. Make sure you're in a well-lit area. You can use the mouse button (while depressed) to zoom in and out.
  4. Picture from the external rear - Scroll the mouse wheel back until you get to the external view and zoom until you can see the character from head to toe in a well-lit area.

Screenshots of Weapons, Armor, Clothes, etc.

Take at least these 3 pictures:

  1. Press TAB to view the inventory screen and go to the appropriate section (weapons, armor, potions, misc) that displays the names of your items. If Weapons and Armor, make sure your character has them equiped and visible. This shows how you named each item, the menu icon you used, general worth, weight, armor value and how they look equiped on your character.
  2. Arrange your items on the ground. This shows the ground mesh and how they look in the world.
  3. Location - Show where to find these items by a picture of the map. Another bonus would be from the viewpoint of somebody take a picture from a camera such as looking at the storefront while walking up to it.