How to utilize OBMM.

This page updated on May 29 2017 CST

Updating your OMOD or OMOD-Ready Archive

Has your favorite mod been updated? This tutorial will show how to update the OMOD or OMOD-Ready Archive you already have.


  • Your archive is not heavily modified from the original.
  • The new archive is not drastically different in file structure.
  • The OMOD folder will refer to C:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Oblivion\obmm\mods\
  • The name of the mod is called MyMod


  1. Download the updated archive from the Internet (Example: HisMod.rar)
  2. Extract your old OMOD-Ready™ archive into it's own folder under the OMOD folder. Example: HisMod_old
  3. Extract the new archive into it's own folder under the OMOD folder. Example: HisMod_new
  4. Open the old readme and copy the header info. Example: HisMod_readme.rtf
  5. Open the new readme, paste the header info at the top, edit as necessary. Example: HisMod Readme.txt
  6. Save the new readme and close the file.
  7. Copy the "omod conversion data" folder from the old folder into the new folder.
  8. Start OBMM
  9. Click Create
  10. Click Add Folder
  11. Find and select the new mod folder and click OK. Example: obmm\omod\HisMod new\
  12. OMOD conversion data is available. Would you like import it? - Click Yes
  13. Notice that everything has been filled out based on the old OMOD settings.
  14. Update the Version Number field.
  15. Click Edit Readme and verify that the readme file was imported correctly.
  16. Click Edit Description and verify that everything is correct.
  17. Click Edit Script and verify that everything is correct.
  18. Move the mouse over Screenshot, if there was a screenshot it will display.
  19. If everything looks good, click Create OMOD.
  20. Once the OMOD is created, click OK.
  21. Right-Click on the new OMOD. Example: HisMod 2.0
  22. Select Convert to archive
  23. Save OMOD As - Click Save to accept the default. Example: HisMod 2.0.7z
  24. Conversion Successful - Click OK
  25. Copy the OMOD (HisMod 2.0.omod) and new archive (HisMod 2.0.7z) to your mod collection folder.
  26. Optionally, you can copy the original archive (HisMod.rar) to your mod collection folder.