[RELz] Apophis: Armory of the Silver Dragon

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[RELz] Apophis: Armory of the Silver Dragon

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Name: Apophis: Armory of the Silver Dragon
Version: 0.9.3 BETA
Date: 11/14/2007
Category: Weapons and Armor
Required: 7-Zip
Recommended: Oblivion Mod Manager
Author: LHammonds
Source: TESNexus
File Mirror #1: Planet Elder Scrolls
File Mirror #2: ElderscrollsFF
File Mirror #3: FileFront
File Mirror #4: MediaFire
File Mirror #5: 4Shared
File Mirror #6: File Shaker
File Mirror #7: RapidShare
RELz Thread: TESNexus Forums
Homepage: OBMM How-To Site

Apophis: Armory of the Silver Dragon adds several complete weapons/armor/clothes sets for sale to various vendors in the Imperial City Market District. Go to the 1st Edition book store and purchase the book called "Apophis: Armory of the Silver Dragon" and read it for more information about the armor sets.

You need to read the book after you've reached level 20 or higher in order for the weapons and armor to become available in the vendor shops.

Heavy armor and weapons are equivalent to Daedric. Must be level 20+ before you see them in vendor shops.

Light armor is equivalent to Glass.

Clothing (non-armor) can be purchased at any level.


Everything can be found in the Imperial City Market District.

BattleMage/Light/Stealth/Crusader Armor + Mask (Male and Female) - The Best Defense (Maro)
Heavy/Knight Armor + Mask (Male and Female) - The Best Defense (Varnado)
Weapons - A Fighting Chance
Capes, Eye Patches, Clothes, Amulet, Rings - Divine Elegance
Light and Heavy Shields - Stonewall Shields
Robes/Hoods/Offensive/Defensive Staffs - Rindir's Staffs
Books - The First Edition

Clothing Details
Apophis Elegant Clothing Set (Male / Female)
Apophis Knight Robe Set (Male / Female)
Apophis Mage Robe Set (Male Only)
Apophis Amulet
Apophis Cape (Tail Slot) (5 Sizes)
Apophis Eye Patch (Tail Slot) (3 Sizes)
Apophis Gloves (Leather / Silver)
Apophis Diamond Ring (Left Hand)
Apophis Ruby Ring (Right Hand)

Weapon Details
Apophis Arrows
Apophis BattleAxe
Apophis Bow
Apophis Claymore
Apophis Spiked Club (Blunt 1H)
Apophis Dragon Crusher (Blunt 2H)
Apophis Dragon Saw (Blunt 2H)
Apophis Dragon Flame (Claymore+FireFX)
Apophis Heavy Dagger
Apophis Hammer (Blunt 1H)
Apophis Crusader Sword (Longsword)
Apophis Knight Sword (Longsword)
Apophis Light Dagger
Apophis Longsword
Apophis Mage Blade (Longsword+FireFX)
Apophis Mage Bow
Apophis Polearm
Apophis Spear
Apophis Staff of Ice (Weapon/Enchanted)
Apophis Staff (Weapon/Unenchanted)
Apophis Stealth Bow
Apophis Stealth Dagger
Apophis Stealth Ninjato (Longsword)
Apophis Stealth Odachi (Claymore)
Apophis War Axe (Blunt 1H)
Apophis War Dagger
Apophis War Club (Blunt 2H)
Apophis War Hammer (Blunt 1H)

Armor Details
Apophis BattleMage Armor Set (Male / Female)
Apophis Crusader Armor Set (Male / Female)
Apophis Heavy Armor Set (Male / Female)
Apophis Knight Armor Set (Male / Female)
Apophis Light Armor Set (Male / Female)
Apophis Stealth Armor Set (Male / Female)

Install Instructions
This archive is distributed in what I call OMOD-Ready format.
It allows you to manually extract and install like most other mods but it also allows you to use Oblivion Mod Manager and import this archive with all the settings pre-configured for an OMOD file.

Please see the readme file for details.

None. All files have been renamed and added as new and unique objects. This means that any items in this mod that is used in other mods will not conflict in any way if the mods are all enabled.

Known Issues or Bugs
There is an enchanted test hammer in the street of the IC Market that is left-over when correcting the infamous NVidia blackscreen bug. Just consider it a freebie although the enchants are probably worthless.

0.9.3, 2007/11/14 - Not much of an update...just wanted to combine all files into one mod now that TESNexus can host files larger than 50 MB.
- Updated the Mage's Bow with Nicoroshi's latest version of "The Bow of Bones"
- Moved the German-translated plugin into a separate file to simply the installation process.
- Updated the readme with current info.
0.9.2, 2007/07/11 - Fixed most reported bugs.
- Replaced leveled lists with a script attached to the book. All weapons/armor is immediately available at level 20+ after reading the book.
- Updated meshes for Mage Defensive Staff (Shield) and the Hammer to resolve NVidia+HDR+Shader bug causing black screens.
- Removed cheat codes as they are no longer needed.
0.9.1, 2007/01/20 - Added German translation. Thanks Wozee!
0.9.0, 2006/12/26 - Initial BETA Release.

Future Plans
2.0 - Add quests for the original enchanted versions of the armor and reveal the truth behind the ancient and mysterious hero that killed Apophis. (I need a Dragon creature before I will start work on version 2.0). Features: New Land, Quests, the original enchanted armory!
1.0 - Initial release (non-enchanted equipment for sale that will "level-up" in power as you do)

You can find me on the official Elder Scrolls forums as 'Conan_Lon'
You can find me on TESNexus as 'LHammonds'

- Special Thanks to Senus for modifying the mesh for the BattleMage robe (removed hood that sat on the back).
- Thanks to Lazarus for the Knight armor/robe set and various weapons.
- Thanks to Wozee for the German translation.
- Thanks to Misiak95 for the Polish translation.
- Thanks to alex1992 for the French translation.
- Thanks to nicoroshi for the Bones Bow (Mage) and Blade Bow (Stealth)
- Thanks to NorrabMaster for the ShadowBlade sword (Mage Blade)
- Thanks to Kearsage for the Defensive Staff (Mage Shield)
- Thanks to Ino Zenosis for the Elegant clothes.
- Thanks to Phitt for the Crusader and Knight Sallet helmets.
- Thanks to Ryuujin (ryuujin-AT-adelphia-DOT-net) for the stealth sword (Ninjato).
- Thanks to AlienSlof, Robert, XMarksTheSpot and emoovampyre for the mage robe.
- Thanks to Dimitri Mazieres for the Stealth armor compilation.
- Thanks to xifr (thexifr-AT-gmail-DOT-com) for the separated Dark Brotherhood armor pieces.
- Thanks to KafeiDotour (dark_razielim-AT-yahoo-DOT-com) for the ring textures.
- Thanks to Coolman for the cool daggers
- Thanks to ModelMan for the Ninja Breaker (Stealth Shield)
- Thanks to ayhan (ayhan_w-AT-hotmail-DOT-com) for the BattleMage Robe and Hood.
- Thanks to KafeiDotour (dark_razielim-AT-yahoo-DOT-com) for the eye patch.
- Thanks to The Atronach (rBloodrain-AT-aol-DOT-com) for the Heavy armor textures.
- Thanks to kalikut (kalikut-AT-juno-DOT-com) for the Light armor female cuirass.
- Thanks to Templar GFX for the club and one-handed axe.
- Thanks to Jannix Quinn for the hammer.
- Thanks to RDjeke for the double-sided axe.
- Thanks to Someone1074 for the Capes and Cloaks mod.
- Thanks to Viro for the dragon on the shirt that I lifted an used everywhere.
- Thanks to Cryo_ for the masks.
- Thanks to es4player for the Light armor textures.
- Thanks to Bethesda for Oblivion and the original 3D meshes this mod uses.
- Thanks to God for making all of us.
- Thanks to the authors of the tools listed below.

Tools Used
Adobe Photoshop
DDS Converter 2
GIMP (Mainly used for the NormalMap filter)
Oblivion Mod Manager
Paint Shop Pro
Readme Generator
TES Construction Set

Since this is a re-package of other mods and then modifications made on top of them, the permission to re-package gets a little more complicated.
As far as the changes I made, I don't mind what you do with it...all I ask in return is that you give me credit if you re-package this mod. I would also like to know what mods are including my work.
As for all the mods that I included, you'll need to check the original sites noted in the Credits Section to see what level of permission is required.
Please ask for my permission first before uploading this mod to distribution sites. If I do not reply within 4 weeks, you can upload this mod anywhere you want.
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