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[RELz] Oblivion Body Resources

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Name: Oblivion Body Resources (OBR)
Version: 1.0
Date: 10/05/2008
Category: Models and Textures
Requirements: 7-Zip, Blender, NifSkope
Author: LHammonds
Source: https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/20181

The purpose of this resource is to consolidate the existing body models and to provide a ready-to-go platform for new modelers that are just starting out creating armor and clothing.

Each included body is currently available in two formats: NIF and BLEND.

The NIF file can be imported into any 3D Modeling tool that can read Gambro/NetImmerse files (usually through plugins)

The BLEND file can be opened with Blender version 2.47 or higher. Lower versions might work but have not tested.

There are two variants to choose from based on the included skeleton / armature:

- (VAN) Vanilla: This is the original skeleton that comes with the game and is considered the "standard" because mods based on this do not require anything additional to work.
- (RPG) RPG-BlackDragons Skeleton-Resource 1.0: This is a custom skeleton which is a modification of Bethesda's original skeleton to include extra bones for long hair, tail, wings and robes.

Any models that contain nudity have the word "Nude" included in the filename so you can avoid or be drawn to it.

Bodies Included
Oblivion's original Male body
Oblivion's original Female body
Robert's Male Body v4.0
Robert's Female Body v1.2
Biu Adventuress Body (BAB) v1.6 RC2 (Referred to as FINAL)
EyeCandy 1.0
HG EyeCandy 1.19
TFF Fantasy Figure 0.51b

Extract the archive to the root of C:\ which will create a C:\Bodies\ folder.

The texture paths inside the Blender files point to C:\Bodies\*.* and if you place this elsewhere, you will need to update the texture paths for everything you modify (would be tedious!).

When you export to NIF, the texture paths should be automatically correct and start with "textures\" instead of a hard-coded path like the BLEND files.

Usage Notes
Each body that begins with "VAN" uses the original Oblivion skeleton.

Each body that begins with "RPG" uses the new skeleton which has bones for long hair, robes, tail and wings.

The Blender files also have a few extras in Layer 2 for pose shots inside Blender which would need to be deleted before export to NIF (eyes, ears, hair)

Once you create the NIF file for your armor/clothing, you do not need to package any of the DDS files that came with this resource. Anything in your mod that relies upon the included textures is simply a requirement of the mod to have that particular body mod already installed.

While viewing NIF files in NifSkope, you might need to adjust your texture path to the correct folder to display the right textures. For example, if you open a BAB body, you might need to set the teture path to C:\Bodies\BAB\ by clicking Render, Settings, Folder.

1.0, 2008-10-10 - Initial release.
- Compiled using Blender 2.47, Python 2.5.2, Blender NIF Scripts 2.3.7, NifSkope 1.0.12, PyFFI 1.0.0

If other formats are requested (Max/Maya/GMAX/XSI/etc.), they will need to be prepared by somebody else since I only have Blender but I will include them as they are given to me. If you do create an alternate version for another program, please make sure the final product can export a NIF similar to what is provided.
I might include other body types as I acquire permissions such as Growlf's Hot Bodies and Eshme's Body.

Bethesda for the original skeleton, male/female bodies and the entire Oblivion game experience.
Robert for his male and female bodies.
BAB Team for the Biu Adventuress Body.
Exnem for the Female EyeCandy body.
Exnem and RAIAR for the HG EyeCandy body.
Corwyn and the Team Fantasy Figures as noted below:

*****Team Fantasy Figures*****
All and or Part of this modification was developed using TeamFF resources and all rights are reserved wherever and whenever applicable to TeamFF.

At the time of this modification TeamFF consists of the following:

AcidRain: Clothing Models.
Corwyn: Initial Project Lead and Body Models.
Daede: Current Project Lead and Body Textures.
Kalikut: Web Design.
Oubliette: Community Liaison and QA Testing.
Robert: Body Model Tweaks
SickleYield: Armour Models.

Contact TeamFF through email to daede@ufrealms.net and or daede@hotmail.com.

Or for more information on the Fantasy Figures project please see the included TFF readme file and or visit http://daede.ufrealms.net/index.htm
*****Team Fantasy Figures*****

Tools Used
7-Zip - http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=15579
Blender - http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=12248
NifSkope - http://niftools.sourceforge.net/wiki/NifSkope
Readme Generator - http://lhammonds.game-host.org/obmm/too ... rator1.asp

This is a compilation of various body mods in the community. Please refer to the original author's readme for specific permission information which is stored in C:\Bodies\Readme\*.txt
Everything else that I have done, please consider it freely available to the Oblivion modding community but please make sure you give credit where it is due.
LHammonds created the Blender files, NIF files and organized this resource but none of the models or textures.
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