[RELz] Ultraviolet Sword

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[RELz] Ultraviolet Sword

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Name: Ultraviolet Sword
Version: 0.9
Date: 10/06/2009
Category: Weapons and Armor
Requirements: 7-Zip
Recommended: Oblivion Mod Manager
Author: LHammonds
Source: TESNexus
File Mirror #1: FileFront
File Mirror #2: MediaFire
File Mirror #3: 4Shared
File Mirror #4: Planet Elder Scrolls
File Mirror #5: File Shaker
File Mirror #6: ElderscrollsFF
RELz Thread: TESNexus Official Comments
Homepage: OBMM How-To Site

This mod contains the sword used by Violet Song jat Shariff (Milla Jovovich) in the movie called Ultraviolet. It has several variants.

All weapon variants can be purchased from Fjotreid at Hammer and Axe which is located in Bruma.


The one-handed Weapon is equivalent to an Ancient Akaviri Katana but slightly more durable.
The two-handed weapon is equivalent to a Dwarven claymore but shorter and faster.
The off-hand weapon (shield) is equivalent to a Dwarven shield.
The enchanted versions are just for fun and not meant to make you all-powerful.

Install Instructions
This archive is distributed in what I call OMOD-Ready format.
It allows you to manually extract and install like most other mods but it also allows you to use Oblivion Mod Manager and import this archive with all the settings pre-configured for an OMOD file.

Please see the readme file for details.

None known.

If this mod conflicts with another mod, uninstall the other one. This mod is compatible with Oblivion.

Known Issues or Bugs
The textures are not top-notch and the alpha channels could use some serious tweaking but I cannot manipulate them on the PC that I have right now. Besides, these are temp textures just to get this in the hands of the requester.

0.9, 2009/10/06 - Initial BETA release with temporary textures.

1.0 will contain improved textures.

You can find me on the official Elder Scrolls forums as 'Conan_Lon'
You can find me on TESNexus as 'LHammonds'

Thanks to Bethesda for creating Oblivion.
Thanks to Kurt Wimmer for writing and directing the Ultraviolet movie.
Thanks to TESNexus for the a one-stop-shop resource for authors and players.
Thanks to God for creating us all.

Tools Used
DDS Converter
Oblivion Mod Manager
Paint Shop Pro
Readme Generator
TES Construction Set

Consider this a modder's resource. You can do whatever you want with this mod but all I ask in return is that you give credit where it is due if you distribute any part of this mod.
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