[RELz] Mesoamerican Shield Resource

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[RELz] Mesoamerican Shield Resource

Post: # 196Post LHammonds
Sat Jun 05, 2010 11:42 am

This shield and its collision model were created by LHammonds in response to a request by solidshake at this location: http://thenexusforums.com/index.php?showtopic=173592

The shield has not been sized or positioned to fit the arm so that will need to be done in Blender but should be easy to fix. The reason behind this is that the person implementing the shield may want to rotate the arm guard so that the feathers are pointed in different directions when held and it can easily be rotated while lined up with the xyz axis right now.

The model has a UV Map and can utilize a single texture but somebody will have to create it (and the normal map).

The files included in this archive are as follows:

MesoamericanShield.blend - Blender source file (model + collision)
MesoamericanShield.nif - Exported example of the model in NIF format.
MesoamericanShield.dds - Example texture in DDS format so it can be seen in NifSkope.
MesoamericanShield_Texture.pdn - Example texture created with Paint.NET.
MesoamericanShield_UVMap.png - UV Map outline for use in any image editor.

What is missing before it can be used in-game?

MesoamericanShield.nif - A properly sized and positioned model (the current NIF is just an example)
MesoamericanShield.dds - An actual texture (the current DDS is just an example)
MesoamericanShield_n.dds - Normal map.
MesoamericanShield.esp - A plugin (if not made as a replacer)

Tools Used
Blender 2.49b
Paint.NET 3.5.5

This is to be considered a modders resource for TES4:Oblivion. All I ask is that you give credit for the model.

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