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This page updated on May 29 2017 CST

About Me

Hello, I'm known to the world by the alias of LHammonds. I am a Computer Scientist with a Master's Degree.

I enjoy playing and modifying computer games. Some of my all-time favorite games are Total Annililation, Command and Conquer:Generals, XCOM, Doom 2, Sub-Space, Oblivion, Star Wars:Empire At War, Unreal Tournament and Battlefield 1942.

I use as my central hub of modding for Oblivion. Here is a list of my mods, friends and images and my profile on TESNexus, Bethsoft Forums, CanadianIce, TES Alliance and Twitter

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What do I do?

I work for a medium-sized healthcare clinic with 250 employees and 40 doctors in a multi-specialty practice. I design databases, workflows, intranets and public web sites. My main goal at work is a successful implementation and maintenance of an Electronic Medical Records system.

I am also a part-time contractor working on small business' networks and computers in various surrounding cities.

Family Life

I've been married for 20 years and have a son that is 16 years-old, a daughter that is 13 years-old and my youngest boy is 12 years-old.

We like to play in our huge sandbox, go for bike rides, build Thomas-The-Train tracks, play in the water in our back patio and watch the hay grow on our 10 acre plot.