How to utilize OBMM.

This page updated on May 29 2017 CST

Mod Tools

When creating, installing, fixing, or removing mods, it will be much easier with tools. This page will link you to the tools I consider very helpful.

The Tools

Readme Generator by LHammonds - Quickly create professional-looking readme files.

OBMM Script Analyzer - Check your code to see if you need OBMM version detection code in your script.

7-Zip File Archiver - Used to compress and decompress all sorts of files.

TES Construction Set - Official mod creation tool.

TESsnip - View the structure and data inside an .esp file.

Oblivion Mod Manager (OBMM) - Used to manage all aspects of mods.

Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 - Required component for OBMM and any software developed with the latest version of Visual Studio

NIFSkope - View and Update data inside .NIF mesh files (good for fixing incorrect texture paths).

DDS Converter - Convert images from various formats (TGA,JPG,BMP,PNG,PSD) to DDS for use as textures in Oblivion.

TES4Files - A tool for packaging all files in a Oblivion Mod, or uninstalling an Oblivion Mod based on the .esp file.